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‘Andor’ viewers praise the most British ‘Star Wars’ show to date

It's wall to wall Brits.

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The first three episodes of Andor are now available on Disney Plus and it’s already carving out a distinctive reputation for itself. While The Mandalorian, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and The Book of Boba Fett were firmly entrenched in wider Star Wars lore, Andor is (so far) focused on a small-scale and personal story about its desperate hero.

The first episode opens with an altercation between Andor and some Imperial security guards, resulting in our hero being hunted down as a murderer. The investigation has given us some insight into the smaller-scale Imperial world, which seems to be almost entirely populated by British character actors (it’s worth remembering that Diego Luna himself had a Scottish mother).

Brits as the baddies is nothing new for Star Wars, but the London-shot Andor is going especially heavy on this and fans around the world are loving it:

It really adds to this show being distinct from the others:

Many are loving the many regional accents on display:

But it’s not all love, as some find the lack of consistency between this other Disney Plus shows jarring:

Others just can’t take it seriously:

It remains to be seen whether this will continue throughout Andor. After all, the grimy backwater planet that Andor lives on might just be ‘the English regional accent planet’ and as he heads to different systems we may hear more typical American accents.

But, for now, we’re loving the show’s variety of character actors and British focus. Here’s hoping Andor continues in this groove, as the more different kinds of Star Wars we get the better.

Andor‘s first three episodes are now available on Disney Plus.

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