Andy Mientus To Return To The Flash As Pied Piper In A Very Unexpected Way


Tonight’s episode of The Flash is going to bring back some familiar faces in very different roles, as Barry and Cisco pay a visit to Earth-2 with Harrison Wells, but The CW has today revealed that another character will be coming back later this year: Pied Piper.

When Andy Mientus returns though as Pied Piper, he won’t be an alternate Earth doppelg√§nger. Instead, it’s said that he will “wreak havoc once again on his former colleagues when The Flash impossibly revisits an earlier timeline.”

Barry has time travelled a fair bit, but why this trip is going to lead to Pied Piper making his comeback is hard to say. More importantly, a journey¬†back in time is never good, so who knows what will have happened to force The Flash to do so yet again. All we know for sure right now is that this is all going down in episode 17, which will be titled “Flash Back.”

Be sure to check back here later for a first look at next week’s episode of The Flash as soon as tonight’s instalment has aired, and drop a comment below letting us know if you’re exciting to see Pied Piper again.

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