Andy Samberg And Kit Harington Enter HBO’s 7 Days In Hell


If you were worried that Andy Samberg is on his way to being the next Adam Sandler, have no fear! He’s also taking a shot at being the next Will Ferrell. At least, that’s what it sounds like he’s going for in HBO’s 7 Days In Hellwhich will feature Samberg as a “bad boy” tennis player embroiled in a seven-day long tennis match at Wimbledon.

Samberg is both starring in and had a hand in creating the “professional tennis mockumentary” alongside Girls co-writer/producer Murray Miller. The one-off HBO “event” will also feature Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington as a tennis prodigy who faces off against Samberg’s bad boy player at Wimbledon. The story, while extreme, is based in reality: a real-life tennis match between John Isner and Nicholas Mahut went on for three days at Wimbledon, back in 2010. Not content with reality, Samberg and Miller just had to stretch it to seven. It does sound just a little too close to something like Will Ferrell’s Blades of Glory or Semi-Pro, but maybe Samberg and Miller will pull off something more interesting than that.

While we all know that Samberg can handle comedy, it will be interesting to see what Harington does with his part. The par of Jon Snow does not exactly demand great comedic timing. Thankfully, he’ll be well supported by the rest of the cast, which includes Lena Dunham, Fred Armisen, and Howie Mandel. That’s…quite an interesting ensemble they have going there. This could be very good, or it could be very, very bad. Only HBO knows for sure.

There’s no word yet on when 7 Days in Hell will actually air, but both Harington and Samberg have their plates full at the moment. We will of course keep an eye on airtimes and let you know when we know!

Source: Collider