Anthony Mackie Thinks People Are Ready For A Black Captain America


In just two weeks, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has firmly set itself up as a show about legacy, something that’s already informed the majority of the significant characters we’ve met so far.

Sam Wilson didn’t think he was worthy of following in Steve Rogers’ footsteps so he willingly gave up Captain America‘s iconic shield, only for the government to turn around and bestow the honor upon John Walker, who himself looks as though his determination to live up to the pressure and expectations that come with being the nation’s resident star-spangled superhero could end up having a damaging effect.

Bucky Barnes, meanwhile, is trying to escape from his past and reconcile with the fact he’s not the Winter Soldier anymore, while if the trailers have been any indication, Zemo is set to pick up from exactly where he left off in Captain America: Civil War as he honors the legacy of his own family by seeking revenge on those with powers who take matters into their own hands without thinking of the collateral damage.

Sam’s encounter with Isiah Bradley looks to weigh heavily on his soul, too, with Falcon visibly rocked that he’d found out there had been a black super soldier locked up and experimented on, not long after he turned down the chance to inherit the mantle of Cap. In a new interview, though, Anthony Mackie said that he believes the world is ready for a black Captain America, with representation more important than ever.

“You know what, I am very, very optimistic about the reaction of if it were to come about that I would become Captain America.  Because I think it’s very important, representation is very important. And not so much just for little black boys, but little Asian boys, little white boys. It’s going to raise conversations in every household, every dad is going to have to sit down with his son, every mom is going to have to sit down with her daughter.

Much like my boys, they watch Wonder Woman, and they love it. They appreciate the fact that she’s not a female superhero, she’s a superhero, and that’s the conversation we had. Girls can kick ass just as good as dudes, and they should appreciate that and watch it for what it is. If a green dude can kick ass, so can a black dude and so can a female.”

Of course, Mackie also managed to make it through another chat without saying he’s definitely suiting up as Captain America, but that’s where The Falcon and the Winter Soldier looks to have been heading since the very first scene of the premiere.