Anthony Mackie Confirms A New Captain America, But Says It Might Not Be Him


The news that Chris Evans was in talks to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Steve Rogers led to some fans voicing their concerns that Anthony Mackie could end up being overshadowed once again. After all, the final minutes of Avengers: Endgame made it clear that the long-term plan is for Mackie’s Sam Wilson to take up the shield and inherit the mantle of Captain America on a permanent basis, and it would be difficult to establish himself in the role if the original version was still around.

However, the multiverse has presented infinite possibilities for how Evans’ comeback could unfold, and there’s every chance he and Mackie might not even end up crossing paths. Of course, the actor has been doing his best to cast doubt on Sam becoming Captain America before The Falcon and the Winter Soldier draws to a close, even if leaked toy lines beg to differ, although he might not suit up in his star spangled glory until the end of the upcoming miniseries.

In a recent interview, Mackie once again claimed that while there’s definitely a new Captain America coming to the MCU, the driving force of the Disney Plus exclusive will focus on figuring out who gets the honor.

“At the the end of Endgame, Sam didn’t accept the shield. If you remember, he told Steve, ‘It doesn’t feel right because this shield is yours’. So, you know, the show is a long way of figuring around who’s gonna be Captain America. Where the shield’s gonna end up and if Captain America, if that moniker is gonna come back and somebody’s gonna hold that moniker again.”

Wyatt Russell’s John Walker is clearly the preferred candidate given that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s first trailer showed him wearing the costume, meaning that Sam will no doubt have to prove himself worthy, which you’d imagine will involve him foiling whatever nefarious plans the villains have in store, and comic book history would hint that Walker is far from the clean cut good guy that Steve Rogers and his potential successor are.