Leaked Falcon And The Winter Soldier Merch Reveals Sam’s Captain America Suit

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Back when The Falcon and the Winter Soldier hadn’t been shooting for long, even before production was shut down for six months as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, there were rumors making the rounds that Chris Evans could potentially show up for a cameo as Steve Rogers, either through flashbacks or caked in the old age makeup that he sported during the closing moments of Avengers: Endgame.

Following the recent spate of news, though, it would be fair to state with a great amount of certainty that it won’t be happening. Indeed, yesterday brought word that Evans was in talks to reprise the role in at least one upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe project, and while the actor may have claimed that he doesn’t know anything about it, the reports would at least indicate that we won’t be seeing him in March when Sam and Bucky’s spinoff premieres on Disney Plus.

We know that the long game is for Anthony Mackie’s Falcon to eventually inherit the mantle of Captain America, but based on recent comments from the man himself, it might not be as straightforward as everyone’s expecting it to be. How it’ll play out, then, remains to be seen, but some images of leaked merchandise have now given away his new star spangled look, as you can see below.

There’s no confirmation from the studio yet that these pics are legit, but they certainly appear to be. In any case, Marvel Studios aren’t exactly known for giving the game away too early, meaning we won’t find out for sure whether or not Sam sports his new superhero suit until The Falcon and the Winter Soldier arrives later this year.