Are vampires becoming popular again?

true blood

Since True Blood came to an end in 2014, and Vampire Diaries finished in 2017, there hasn’t been much of a resurgence in the blood-drinking category. Yet, now it seems as if the night walkers are making a return on all major streaming services come the new year.

Over on HBO, True Blood has been eyeing a return to the network in a rebooted series. Throughout its run, the show grew in popularity before coming to an anticlimactic ending in its eighth season. While seven years doesn’t seem long enough to reboot a hugely popular series, HBO boss Casey Bloys emphasizes that the reboot will only be done if the story is worth telling.

Moving to AMC, home of The Walking Dead Universe, Anne Rice’s novel Interview With The Vampire is being remade into a televised series. Currently set to begin filming this December, the show is set to be a full reboot of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles book series. Though no air date has been set, fans can expect the show sometime in 2022, exclusively on AMC and AMC Plus.

From adult to tween is the audience for the newly adapted Vampire Academy. Coming from Julie Plec, creator of Vampire Diaries show, the series is a reboot of the failed 2014 film. The New York Times bestselling young adult series by Richelle Mead spanned six books and one unsuccessful film adaption, and fans have eagerly been awaiting news on a reboot. Julie Plec’s history in the teen drama genre promises that the series is in good hands when it airs on Peacock in 2022.

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