Arrow May Have Set Up Felicity’s Exit In Last Night’s Episode


If you’ve been keeping up with Arrow news in recent weeks, then you’re well aware of how fan favorite actress Emily Bett Rickards is leaving the show at the end of the current season. Naturally, this has caused viewers to begin formulating their own theories as to how Felicity Smoak will make her exit, though we won’t know for certain until the time actually comes.

In my opinion, a series of events now unfolding will likely lead to her ultimately leaving Star City in order to raise her baby in seclusion. And from the look of it, the first domino fell last night during “Spartan.”

You see, the Archer program which Felicity had been developing fell into the wrong hands, those being the Ninth Circle’s. And though her friend and business partner, Alena, already had a buyer lined up in the form of Will Magnus (nice Metal Men Easter egg), Felicity ended up flushing her work down the proverbial toilet so that an international group of terrorists led by Emiko Queen may not use it for nefarious purposes. Of course, the flash forward segments have already told us that someone one day resurrects Archer (probably a greedy Alena), but that’s a discussion for another day.

Like I said, this probably won’t be the last nudge given to Felicity, as the description for this season’s penultimate episode, “Living Proof,” cryptically spoke of how the SCPD will come knocking on her door. And though I’m sure she’ll narrowly evade prison time, that may be her final deciding factor in getting out of town.

But for more on the show’s immediate future, here’s the official synopsis for next week’s episode, “Confessions”:

ARSENAL RETURNS TO HELP THE TEAM — When they learn of an upcoming attack on the city, Team Arrow calls Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) to help them stop the Ninth Circle. However, things go awry and there is massive collateral damage. As Captain of the SCPD, Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) investigates what happened in an episode that takes on a true crime narrative and tone. Tara Miele directed the episode written by Onalee Hunter Hughes & Emilio Ortega Aldrich (#720). Original airdate 4/29/2019.

Arrow airs on Monday nights on The CW.