Arrow EP Addresses Whether Diggle Will Move Over To Superman & Lois


The Arrow series finale was an important one for John Diggle. Naturally, everyone’s talking about the hint that he’s going to become a Green Lantern, with the character discovering a glowing ring box that came down from outer space in the episode’s final moments. However, let’s not overlook the other major development for him in “Fadeout.”

It’s established that Lyla Michaels, Diggle’s wife and director of ARGUS, has accepted a promotion that would involve her family relocating to Metropolis. Sure enough, we leave the Diggles as they’re moving into their new house – John finds the Power Ring in the Man of Steel’s hometown. So, given that The CW has just commissioned Superman & Loisdoes this mean that David Ramsey is going to be joining the cast of the Supergirl spinoff?

That’s what asked Arrow EP Marc Guggenheim when they caught up with him after the series finale. The producer was reluctant to fully comment on the matter as he won’t be personally involved with S&L, but he did make clear that there’s been a lot of discussion about what’s next for Diggle post-Arrow. 

“It’s definitely above my pay grade, insofar as I’m not running Superman. I will say that David, Greg [Berlanti], and I have had discussions about all things Diggle and David, post-Arrow. In terms of his involvement both in front and behind the camera, we have a lot of ideas that we’re very excited about. But I always try to avoid commenting on shows I don’t run.”

Similar to his noncommittal comments about Diggle’s potential transformation into a Green Lantern to THR, Guggenheim’s words above can’t help but get us thinking that he’s keeping mum for a reason. Sure, having the Diggles move away from Star City after losing Oliver Queen may have just been done as a character choice, and giving him the Power Ring could’ve been a final bit of fan service. But it does feel like there’s something bigger coming together here.

The good news is that Diggle is back as soon as next week for a guest spot on The Flash. Maybe this will provide further clues as to whether he could find himself teaming up with Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman now that Arrow has ended?