Arrow EP Says Booster Gold And Blue Beetle Have Been Discussed


One of the many great things about Arrow and its various sister series is that not only have they introduced us to more well known heroes like the Flash and Green Arrow himself, but they’ve also brought obscure characters such as the Elongated Man and Firestorm to the mainstream. But with the DC Universe being so expansive, there are obviously many others who’ve yet to join the party.

Of course, the two superheroes we’re discussing today have more so been on the wishlists of diehard comic book readers – or those who’ve seen them on one of several animated series – but we have to admit that they’d be fine additions to the Arrowverse, regardless.

To date, Booster Gold has been a stranger to the live action realm, barring a memorable guest role on Smallville. Though, in recent years, it’s been said that Warner Bros. have been kicking around the possibility of bringing him to the big screen. Still, since there’s been no movement made on that front for quite some time, we have good reason to question if it’s just best that he and Blue Beetle be integrated into the Arrowverse.

Here’s what Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim had to say about all that jazz when speaking at ACE Comic Con over the weekend:

“I will say, both those characters [Booster Gold and Blue Beetle] are characters we’ve talked about. Originally Ray Palmer, who was introduced on Arrow, he was supposed to be Ted Kord and we went another way. So, you know, Booster and Blue Beetle, all the ‘B’ characters really, we’re always talking about but nothing I can announce or speak to at the moment.”

In all honesty, I already knew the bit of trivia about Ray Palmer, but given that Kord Industries is often referenced on Arrow, it’d be only natural to bring in Ted at some point. And with Booster being a time traveler, one would think he’d be a perfect fit over on Legends. But if they weren’t to be introduced separately, there’s always next year’s crossover to think about.