Arrow Fans Furious At The CW For Trying To Change Name Of The Arrowverse


Arrow may have wrapped up after eight seasons earlier this year, but the series’ legacy endures thanks to the huge number of superhero shows that continue to air on The CW. As the launchpad for an entire shared universe of titles, fans have been referring to it as the Arrowverse for years, and will likely continue to do so for the entire time that it exists.

However, now that Oliver Queen has ridden off into the sunset, it appears that the network are keen to change the name, presumably in an effort to distance their output from a series that isn’t on the air anymore. A new promo to hype the upcoming lineup of super-powered content has tried to force the name CWVerse onto the fanbase, and they’re definitely not having it.

For one thing, the title is as awkward and clunky as Sony’s SPUoMC, and over the last eight years, nobody seems to have even attempted to call it anything else. Arrow might be over, but the Arrowverse continues to thrive, and based on some of the social media reactions that you can check out below, people aren’t going to be changing their minds any time soon.

Arrow might be responsible for launching the interconnected world, but The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, Batwoman and the in-development Superman & Lois all still occupy the same narrative space even without the numerous crossover events, and just because the network wants to change the official name of their small screen franchise from the Arrowverse to the CWVerse, it doesn’t mean that the fans who have been enjoying these shows since 2012 are simply going to accept it. Especially when the new title is exponentially worse.