Arrowverse Fans Are Freaking Out Over That Elseworlds Poster


Today brought us the first poster for this December’s big Arrowverse crossover. With the title being “Elseworlds,” we were expecting something to do with the multiverse in which we know anything’s possible. But we definitely weren’t expecting this.

The poster featured Stephen Amell in the Flash suit and Grant Gustin with Green Arrow’s hood and bow. So, it seems that the Arrow and The Flash stars will get to play each other’s parts in the mind-bending crossover. Naturally, this got fans talking, and most seem to agree that it looks awesome, even if they’ve got no idea what’s going on.

Some cottoned on pretty quickly, though.

Others, meanwhile, were taken with how good Stephen Amell looks in the Flash costume.

However, a few fans weren’t pleased that the poster focused on the two leading men of the crossover and not its female cast. Not least Ruby Rose’s Batwoman, who’s making her much-anticipated debut in the event.

Others took this as a positive, though, as they imagined how the female characters of the Arrowverse could also be switched up. For instance, Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl or Candice Patton’s Iris West.

For one, could “Elseworlds” finally let Benoist play Power Girl, the Earth-2 version of Supergirl from the comics? One fan made some amazing artwork to show us what it could look like, and now we really want it to happen.

What we do know for sure about the “Elseworlds” event is that, though Legends of Tomorrow isn’t part of it (its having its own inward crossover instead), Superman will be involved. Tyler Hoechlin’s Man of Steel will even don the iconic black suit, which is no doubt a reference to how much fans wanted to see Henry Cavill wear it in Justice League. Given how the poster teases that things will be shaken up, we can’t help but wonder if this isn’t Earth-38’s Supes but an alternate version.

No doubt more will be revealed as production on the crossover continues, but until then, feel free to share your predictions on the big Arrowverse event in the comments section down below.

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