Arrow Midseason Premiere Trailer Clears Up Some Laurel Lance Questions While Raising Others


Last week, DC TV devotees were finally treated to looks at the returning episodes of Supergirl and The Flash, and then later DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. But there was one obvious piece of the puzzle missing. Thankfully, Arrow fans can now stop holding their breath as the first trailer for its midseason premiere has finally been released.

In the appropriately titled “Who Are You?,” we’re set to see much more of the recently returned Laurel Lance. Seeing as how she was killed by Damien Darhk last season, fan theories were running rampant this past fall with many wondering how she could possibly be walking around. The Flashpoint option was eliminated due to the fact that her death simply would have never happened as a result of the timeline being rewritten as opposed to what appears to be a mysterious resurrection.

The new promo video offers some answers and does somewhat tread into spoiler territory, although not too much (that’s one mistake those who cut trailers for television don’t echo from the motion picture industry). Boldly displaying her Canary Cry without the use of any augmentation courtesy of S.T.A.R. Labs, it becomes quite obvious that this isn’t the Laurel we recently lost.

So, who could it be?

The obvious choice is Black Siren, her Earth-2 doppelganger first seen over on The Flash. If so, it remains to be seen whether she’ll continue as a villain or redeem herself as as member of Team Arrow. It’s important that we not forget Oliver’s vow to Laurel on her deathbed to not let her be the last Canary.

It would be wise to not rule out the chance of this being a Laurel from yet another Earth, which makes the weeks leading up to this episode all the more difficult. Without a doubt, this has to be one of the best hooks we’ve seen to date as far as building anticipation for the back half of a superhero show’s season goes.

Arrow returns with new episodes on Wednesday, January 25th on The CW.