Arrow Offers “Second Chances” In Extended Promo


After learning the truth that the miraculously “resurrected” Laurel Lance was none other than Black Siren, an Earth-2 doppelganger, Oliver Queen and company have decided to embark on a quest to find someone else to take up the mantle of Black Canary in next week’s episode of Arrow, which is appropriately titled “Second Chances.”

So, it’s most fortunate for them that a young woman currently residing in Hub City has incredible martial arts skills and a Canary Cry of her own to boot. But what this freshly released extended promo delves into that the originally released trailer didn’t is that of the background of the mysterious Tina Boland. It seems like she has quite the accomplished history and would likely be able to hit the Team Arrow learning curve quicker than most, should she choose to enlist.

While last night’s episode was actually pretty good, the producers’ decision to pull a character who previously didn’t exist in the comics out of left field and possibly place her in an iconic role is already being met with backlash from fans, something the show does not need after strongly rebounding from an ill-received fourth season. The fact that they already had a built in replacement with Black Siren makes this baffling from a narrative standpoint, but we’ll just continue watching and hope for the best.

In related news, a sizzle reel of sorts has been released, bearing the title of “Getting Good.” Consisting mostly of footage culled from previously aired episodes, it offers a up a look at the more action-packed moments of season 5 and is ideal to run on weeks when new installments aren’t set to air.

Arrow airs on Wednesday nights on The CW.