New Arrow Clips Reveal Truth About Laurel Lance’s Return


With the midseason premiere of Arrow being just hours away, the network has offered a couple clips in order to tide over fans. And as innocent as they may first appear, know that one of them enters spoiler territory with a vengeance.

First, let’s discuss the one that perhaps unknowingly dropped a bomb. When the first trailer for the midseason premiere arrived, many felt it spoiled the mystery behind Laurel Lance’s return and fuelled the theory that she is, in fact, Black Siren from Earth-2. In addition to that, a DC All Access video that we reported on earlier only further succeeded in letting the cat out of the bag.

For the most part, preview clips released hours in advance of new episodes tend to not contain major spoilers. It’s my belief that this one was intended to continue that tradition, but the name dropping of Black Siren during a conversation between Mr. Terrific and Wild Dog was done so casually that it may have very well been overlooked. Still, that’s a pretty big whopper to let loose on the internet.

Revelations aside, we can’t help but sympathize for Curtis Holt. Let’s face it, the man is being pulled in different directions, being forced to choose between continuing on as a vigilante or maintaining a love life. Considering that this is a show about superheroes and the personal journeys they take, our best guess is that he’s not walking away from Team Arrow anytime soon.

As for the second clip, it focuses on an important thread they has somewhat been overlooked in the midst of the Laurel Lance and Prometheus business: John Diggle once again finding himself behind bars. Having been wrongfully accused, we can only hope some crafty way can be found to have him out of prison before long. Many of you will likely agree that it just isn’t the same without Spartan hitting the streets.

Arrow airs on Wednesdays on The CW.