Arrow May Have Just Revealed The New Emerald Archer With First Photo Of Katherine McNamara As Maya


Since the earliest of trailers promoting Arrow season 7 hit the web, we’ve all been pondering the identity of the new Emerald Archer prowling Star City. At first, I assumed it to be Roy Harper, but that solution seems less and less likely with each passing week. And as I continued getting closer looks at the vigilante, I began believing them to be a woman.

Well, it seems like my suspicion may be vindicated next week during “Unmasked” when Katherine McNamara makes her debut as Maya. Described as “a scrappy street fighter and thief from Star City,” this new gal entering the fold is suddenly garnering much attention.

Seen below in an image revealed by TV Line, Maya has a slender frame matching that of the one boasted by the new Green Arrow. Plus, you have to admit that hype surrounding her just in time for an installment titled “Unmasked” seems a little too convenient. Of course, Oliver Queen is now back at it with his face in full view, though my better judgment says the episode title has dual meaning.

What’s also worth mentioning is that The CW captioned the photo by referring to McNamara’s character as “Mia,” thereby forcing me to recall Mia Dearden AKA Speedy from the comic books. Funny enough, Arrow‘s take on Speedy, Thea Queen, had a middle name of “Dearden,” so we always assumed her to be an adaptation. Even so, there’s still room for the real deal.

So, if “Maya” is not “Mia,” we should still consider the possibility of her being Emiko Queen, or at least taking some inspiration. It’s certainly not uncommon for those writing movies and TV series to pick and choose from the source material to suit their needs, so there’s a very good chance that’s what showrunner Beth Schwartz and her colleagues have been up to.

Then again, I could be wrong, but we’ll find out once Arrow airs its next episode this coming Monday on The CW. Still, you can’t deny the stars are aligning a little too well.