Past Green Arrow Comics May Reveal Who The Show’s New Archer Is


In recent weeks, Arrow viewers have been confounded by whomever is masquerading as the new Emerald Archer. Naturally, Roy Harper is the prime suspect, but others have also theorized that Oliver Queen’s son, William, has traveled back from the future to take up arms, though that notion was shot down.

We’ll most likely learn who’s under the hood in episode 7×08, “Unmasked,” in a matter of weeks, but that doesn’t make any of us less mystified. Fortunately, though, Reddit user “u/amazo17” has forced us to look to past comic books for the answer.

As you may remember, legendary writer/artist Mike Grell’s The Longbow Hunters saw Shado similarly parading around, but she’s dead in the Arrowverse. However, she and Robert Queen did sire Emiko, who eventually went on to become Red Arrow, which you can see in some artwork we dusted off below.

So, if indeed Emiko is making her live action debut, it may be safe to say her parentage will be different on the TV side of things. My best guess is that Robert had an extramarital affair with someone who wasn’t Shado, as the Queens weren’t exactly known for their fidelity. Case in point: Thea being the offspring of Moira Queen and Malcolm Merlyn.

Truth be told, it’d be exciting for something like this to pan out because everyone has been casting their suspicion toward men – and I do believe the new Green Arrow prowling Star City is wearing a mask similar to that of Emiko’s seen above. Not long ago, I called Earth-2’s Laurel Lance into question, but that may be a longshot.

Arrow airs on Monday nights on The CW, and at this point, all we can do is continue watching until the network’s ready to reveal the big secret.

Source: Reddit

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