Arrow EP Drops A Big Season 7 Tease On Twitter


Following on from the shocking development of the season 6 finale, when Arrow returns it’ll be fueled by the biggest shake-up to the show’s formula in years: Oliver Queen has finally been outed as the Green Arrow and will be serving time in jail for his vigilantism when we next check in with Star City’s (former) savior.

As production on the new run has now begun, Arrow EP Marc Guggenheim has teased fans with what’s to come on his Twitter account. Seen below, he shared a fake visitor’s pass for Slabside Maximum Security Prison, the Supermax-like Penitentiary where Ollie will be locked up when season 7 begins. “Come pay Oliver a visit,” Guggenheim captioned the image.

It’s a fun little tease, though fans have immediately spotted some curious details about the pass which may or may not be some sort of esoteric clues that Guggenheim wanted us to pick up on.

First of all, the dates use the Canadian dating format of DD/MM/YYYY. Presumably this is just because the series films in Vancouver, even though Star City is in the US. What’s more, the expiry date reads the impossible 31/06/2019. Another mistake or a weird, unfathomable clue of some kind?

At present, we don’t know how long Ollie’s incarceration will last. There was a commonly-believed rumor that the Emerald Archer would be back on the streets by episode 3, but Stephen Amell has since debunked this idea. Still, there’s surely only so long they can keep the erstwhile mayor out of action. Especially as there’s a mysterious new villain in town that the synopsis tells us is striving to “unravel his work as Green Arrow, challenging him to redeem his name or risk losing everything.”

As Guggenheim puts it, we can come and visit Ollie when Arrow returns to The CW on Monday, October 15th.