Arrow Showrunner Says Diggle As Green Lantern Is To Be Continued


There were so many amazing easter eggs that came out of “Elseworlds,” but one that’s really delighted fans is a brief line that seems to make a long-held theory canon.

If you’ve been an Arrow fan for a while, you might have heard the theories that John Diggle is a version of John Stewart, a member of the Green Lantern Corps in the comics. Well, in “Elseworlds,” John Wesley Shipp’s Flash from Earth-90 crossed over to Earth-1 to issue a dire warning to the Arrowverse heroes. However, he became distracted when he noticed Diggle. “Hello, John,” he said, suggesting the pair are old friends. “Where’s your ring?”

The implication here is obvious: Diggle’s doppelganger on Earth-90 is a Green Lantern – the ring that Flash-90 was referring to naturally being the green power ring. David Ramsey probably loved this, too, as he basically suggested the outcome at a convention earlier in the year.

A throwaway line it might have been, but the concept’s too huge to just leave it as that. So, will the introduction of a Lantern-powered Diggle doppelganger ever occur in the Arrowverse? Well, Arrow showrunner Beth Schwartz was asked about the possibility while talking to reporters at an “Elseworlds” press screening and teased that it could happen but she’s not sure if the joke will lead to anything more.

“To be continued… No, we were all really excited about that fun nod. But I’m not sure what’s to come of that, really.”

“It’s not been written yet,” The Flash showrunner Todd Helbing added.

“Yeah, it’s not been written yet,” Schwartz agreed.

Presumably, the pair are referring to the fact that next fall’s crossover “Crisis on Infinite Earths” hasn’t been written yet as that’s  the most likely place that the “Elseworlds” reference would come to life, as it’ll see The CW tackle the massive comic book event that unites the multiverse together to defeat the Anti-Monitor.

If they can get the rights to Green Lantern for the crossover, then they have to get Ramsey to play him. But at this point, it’s far too early to say if such a thing will happen.