Elseworlds Part 2 Teased Green Lantern In The Arrowverse


Just like the first episode, “Elseworlds Part 2″ – the latest installment of this year’s Arrowverse crossover – was packed full of fan-pleasing easter eggs and references. One of the coolest moments though, which could also have flown straight over some viewers’ heads, was a nod to an iconic DC hero that fans have always wanted to see on The CW: Green Lantern. And it seems that, on another Earth in the multiverse, a familiar face holds the power ring.

When John Wesley Shipp’s Barry Allen from Earth-90 – AKA the Flash from the classic 1990s show – breaks through into Earth-1, he warns the assembled heroes that they’re facing The Monitor, who’s scrambling realities with the aid of a powerful book. While he’s explaining this, 90s Flash gets momentarily distracted by the sight of John Diggle. He reacts with surprise at seeing “John,” as apparently they’re friends and he asks why Diggle isn’t wearing his ring.

The implication is clear. On Earth-90, Diggle’s doppelganger is a Green Lantern. This is an amazing revelation, too, as it actually makes a long-held theory canon.

Fans have been suggesting for years that Diggle could be a version of John Stewart, probably the second most famous GL after Hal Jordan. Actor David Ramsay has always been on board with the idea as well. In fact, earlier this year he even suggested at a convention that another Diggle out there could be a Lantern.

Unfortunately, though, the Earth-90 Green Lantern likely won’t make an appearance any time soon. As we saw in the “Elseworlds” prologue scene, The Monitor was responsible for the death of what could be all of that world’s superheroes – including a Green Arrow dressed like the one from Smallville. But, who knows, maybe Green Diggle made it out alive and could show up on Earth-1 if The CW ever gets the rights to Green Lantern one day?