Arrow: Spoiler-Filled Images From “We Fall” Released


Sometimes, you really have to love advance promotional material. What some may view as being seemingly innocuous photos may be more telling than one could ever realize. And since this is how we’ve begun today’s conversation, you can probably imagine that some major beans are about to be spilled when it comes to Arrow, so proceed at your own risk.

Still here? Alrighty then.

Even though we’re separated from the midseason premiere by about a day or so, the network has begun circulating images from the episode to follow – “We Fall” – set to air on January 25. And while we don’t know all of what’s going to go down tomorrow night – or even have a trailer for next week’s offering, for that matter – these photos give us a pretty good hint at what’s to come.

Like we said earlier, these pics may look innocent to the average person, but several things quickly become apparent. For starters, Oliver Queen’s son, William, is indeed in the thick of it, as he and his father are seemingly reenacting the introductory scene from Resident Evil 6.

I mean, we knew William was going to be targeted by Cayden James and took an educated guess that this incident might be what pulls Team Arrow back together, but seeing them all side by side forces us to assume that they’ll all be on the same page before long – even if only for the time being. Plus, we have to wonder if the young lad will be pissed to learn that his dad is still running around as the Green Arrow.

Furthermore, it should be pointed out that John Diggle is back in the guise of Spartan, lest things become awkward with two Green Arrows parading about. And is it just us, or is he wearing some new gear?

For more on “We Fall,” be sure to check out the official synopsis below:

WILLIAM LANDS IN CAYDEN JAMES’ CROSSHAIRS — Cayden James (guest star Michael Emerson) ups the ante by launching his plan to take control of every aspect of the city. Despite the scope of Cayden’s plan, Oliver (Stephen Amell) is determined to foil it with just the Original Team Arrow – and without the aid of Rene (Rick Gonzalez), Dinah (Juliana Harkavy), or Curtis (Echo Kellum). But things get complicated when William (guest star Jack Moore) is endangered as a result of Cayden’s handiwork. Wendey Stanzler directed the episode written by Speed Weed & Spiro Skentzos (#611). Original airdate 1/25/2018.

Arrow returns with new episodes on Thursday, January 18 on The CW.