Arrow Star David Ramsey Responds To Criticisms About Diggle’s New Costume

Diggle 3

Ever since The CW revealed Diggle’s new look for season four of Arrow, fans of the series have been unable to adjust to the design of one certain aspect of it. While his clothes all look great, the helmet the character has donned bears a striking resemblance to the one worn by X-Men villain Magneto. Not only that, but it also looks a bit daft in general.

In fairness, it looked a lot better in action in the first trailer for season four, but The CW really didn’t do it any favours by releasing images similar to the one you see above. However, one person who isn’t phased by the criticisms and complaints is David Ramsey, and he was quick to point out that sceptical fans need to wait and see before they pass any judgement.

“I like it. I know there’s a lot of criticism that it looks like the Magneto helmet. But by the time you see Diggle in action – we also get into what the helmet can do – you won’t be thinking of the X-Men at all. There is a very cool gun too. The gun and the helmet, by the way, are S.T.A.R. Labs creations.”

The actor makes a good point, but the most interesting thing here is the fact that both his helmet and gun were designed by S.T.A.R. Labs, the group of scientists Barry Allen works with in The Flash. That points to Arrow and The Flash continuing to crossover even in the most minor ways, and it will be interesting to find out whether or not the new Green Arrow costume also hailed from Central City.

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