New Look At Diggle’s Superhero Suit In Season 4 Of Arrow

When The CW released the first official image of David Ramsey’s Diggle suited up and ready to fight crime in season four of Arrow, the response was mixed to say the least. While it’s undeniably cool to see the character finally get a costume of sorts to protect him while he’s fighting crime on the streets of Star City, it’s hard to miss the striking resemblance his new helmet bears to X-Men villain Magneto.

It’s also a little difficult to understand how the team working on Diggle’s new look failed to spot that as it really is pretty distracting and has led to a lot of ridicule being aimed at the series by comic book fans.

In fairness, it looked a lot better in action in that recently released sizzle reel for Arrow‘s fourth season, and it could be something which evolves as the series continues. The rest of Diggle’s new outfit looks great, too, and it does make sense that he might want a helmet to protect him, especially as it appears as if he’s out there every night alongside Black Canary and Speedy while Oliver Queen spends his time in the suburbs with Felicity.

Arrow returns to The CW on October 7th. Until then, feast your eyes on the new photos above and let us know what you think.