Arrow Star Stephen Amell Calls Out Neighbor For Going Number Two On His Roof


Arrow star Stephen Amell hasn’t had a great week. The actor recently faced widespread criticism after he made comments about the murder of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter on a podcast, with many taking specific issue with him saying that he personally hadn’t seen racism in action. And now, the rancid cherry on top of the cake: someone pooped on his roof.

The incident was revealed by Amell himself, who shared a picture of the offending turd on social media and explained that:

“Our next door neighbor has been illegally doing construction for 3+ years. Cass got upset with her after we did everything we could to be neighborly. Cass called her out multiple times on Memorial Day weekend. The next day she snuck into our backyard & shit on our roof.”

First up, this must be a pretty damn stealthy neighbor to be able to climb onto a roof, sneak across it and take a dump without being spotted. Even more worryingly, if this is part of a pattern of escalation, where does she go from here? If I were Amell I’d be paranoid about locking my windows at night, ‘lest the Phantom Shitter attempt to get inside the house to leave some kind of dirty protest elsewhere.

But how certain is Amell that this really is the work of his neighbor? To me, this looks like it could be the work of a cat, which you have to admit would be far more likely to be hanging out on a roof at night than a person. However, Amell knows his neighbor better than us so I imagine he’s got good reason to believe that she’s done the disgusting deed.

Even beyond this, Stephen Amell has had to put up with some barbs on social media, with one user saying: “Damn, that sucks she left a copy of the last two seasons of Arrow on your roof.” To which he succinctly replied: “Hey man – please unfollow me.”