Arrow’s Casting An Adult John Diggle Jr. For Season 8


So far, John Diggle Jr. hasn’t played the biggest of roles on Arrow, but then again, you can’t blame him because he’s a small child. Still, he was a hot topic at one time because he was essentially a product of Flashpoint. Longtime Arrowverse fans should recall how John and Lyla originally had a baby girl named Sara during season 3, only to have her replaced by “J.J.” once the timeline had been rewritten a year later.

More recently, his situation got more peculiar when it was revealed how the Connor Hawke we’ve been seeing during the flash forward segments isn’t actually that young lad grown up. Rather, he’s the adopted son of the hero known to Star City as Spartan. And on top of that, we’ll be seeing more of him in season 8 because actor Joseph David-Jones has been promoted to series regular.

To complicate the life of this family, John Diggle Jr. himself will indeed be seen in the flesh once our trips to 2040 resume. According to TV Line, “a twentysomething, circa 2040 version of Diggle and Lyla’s son John Jr. will be a major recurring presence during the eighth and final season. Casting is underway.”

No other information was given at the time of this writing, but it’s probably a safe bet we’ll see more of his Deathstroke gang. Don’t forget, he’s actually their leader, so maybe we’ll see him in a two-toned mask before long.

Cryptic as this may be, it at least gives us a better idea of what to anticipate from season 8. When it comes to whatever’s set in the present day, all we really know is that it’ll serve as a prelude of sorts to “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” Regardless, it should prove to be entertaining.

Arrow returns with new episodes on Tuesday nights this fall on The CW.

Source: TV Line

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