Arrow’s David Ramsey Teases An Even Bigger Crossover For This Fall


After witnessing Dominators bombarding Earth in “Invasion!” and Nazi doppelgangers crashing Barry Allen and Iris West’s wedding in “Crisis on Earth-X,” one can only ponder how the next Arrowverse crossover can possibly go bigger than those two events. Plus, there’s also the fact that Legends of Tomorrow will sit out this year’s outing, as Supergirl, Arrow and The Flash will be the only DC TV shows invited to the party.

Well, according to actor David Ramsey, his character of John Diggle has some exciting days ahead. Here’s what he had to say to at San Diego Comic-Con when it came to discussing this fall’s monumental mashup:

“How do you go bigger? Like, every single year they do these crossovers, it’s like it’s bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger so it’s just, I have no idea how they do it. So of course, they don’t have a script yet but they kind of break the story somewhat so when I found out kind of what they want to do it was just like really? You’re just gonna go even bigger? Every year it’s just bigger and bigger and bigger.”

Of course, he’s avoiding spoilers, but my best guess is that some major DC villain (or villains) known to many of us will be along for the ride. After all, Batwoman will be introduced in the midst of this, so there’s a very good chance she has a reason for needing more hands on deck. The battle may not spill outside of Gotham City, but it’s probably safe to say that whatever happens will have us talking for a while.

When it comes to who’ll be playing Kate Kane, that’s currently up in the air, but specifics regarding the Arrowverse crossover usually drop in August or September. That said, it shouldn’t be much more of a wait. On the plus side, the network released a cool new trailer heralding her arrival last week, so there’s that.

Arrow returns for its seventh season on Monday, October 15 on The CW, with the crossover set to air sometime in early December.