Arrow’s Echo Kellum Wants A Crossover With Gotham


Even though Greg Berlanti and company have crafted quite the interconnected DC Universe over on The CW, there are still some big names that have yet to put in appearances. And as awesome as those fall crossovers tend to be, it’s hard to imagine a DC Universe existing without certain characters – like Batman, for one.

Obviously, a lot of this has to do with the fact that there’s some red tape separating the film and television divisions at Warner Bros., but we’ve seen the suits become more liberal when it comes to spreading the wealth these days. Still, that hasn’t stopped Arrow from making use of major Batman villains over the years, with the likes of Ra’s al Ghul, Talia al Ghul and Anarky being but a few of them.

Given all that, it still came as quite the shock when Oliver Queen deflected public suspicion from himself earlier this fall by suggesting that it could be anyone – including Bruce Wayne – masquerading as the Green Arrow. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Bruce is at the point in his life where he’s taken up cape and cowl in the Arrowverse, but it’s reassuring to know that he exists in it.

Being a fan of the material himself, Echo Kellum, Arrow‘s own Mr. Terrific, expressed his desire to see a crossover with Gotham when speaking at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in San Jose:

“One of the coolest parts from this season, and it was such a little small part, but I remember when I found out we were going to do it was so cool that, even Stephen name dropping Bruce Wayne in an episode, it was like so dope that you know like, yeah we are all in this world and this universe so just to see any of them come in.

“But like, yeah like Superman coming in on Supergirl, it really is amazing the array of characters that have been able to be involved in, you know, the DCTV universe or whatnot and I would love to see us even, you know, mess around with Gotham and you know all these properties that are under Warner Bros, it would be really cool.”

To be honest, a crossover involving Arrow and Gotham may prove to be impossible, especially since the former airs on The CW and the latter airs on Fox, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream along with Kellum. Plus, who knows, if Gotham were to be cancelled, the Arrowverse could very well see its own version of Batman be introduced.