7 Actors Who Can Play Batman In The Arrowverse


There’ve been several hints that Batman exists in the Arrowverse over the years. However, the biggest confirmation came on this week’s episode of Arrow where Oliver Queen openly spoke of Bruce Wayne, confirming the billionaire’s existence in this continuity.

While many might consider this as merely a tribute to the Dark Knight, the one thing we’ve learned about the Arrowverse is that nothing’s ever a coincidence. Much like the Man of Steel appearing in Supergirl, don’t write off the Bat popping up on The CW at some point. In fact, it might be sooner rather than later.

In the case that the World’s Greatest Detective makes his bow here, the biggest question is, who should portray this iconic hero? Additionally, will it be a once-off, recurring guest role, or even his own series? And will Robin show up, too? So many questions…

Before we get ahead of ourselves and plot out the future of a weekly Batman TV show though (and no, Gotham doesn’t count as one), let’s have a look at the 7 actors best suited to playing Gotham’s favorite son first. As always, this is a matter of opinion and we do welcome your suggestions. So, please leave us all your thoughts in the comments section down below.