Arrowverse Co-Creator Says He’d Definitely Consider A Movie Spinoff


The Arrowverse is facing a more uncertain future than ever, and it doesn’t even have anything to do with The CW trying to force a name change down fans’ throats, Supergirl being the latest series to draw to a close or Batwoman having to recast the title character after just one season. Having already been the bane of Ryan Reynolds’ existence, the Green Lantern property is now having a huge impact on DC’s small screen shared mythology.

Co-creators Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim have both stepped away from the Arrowverse to focus on their Green Lantern show for HBO Max, which is a huge blow to The CW’s output after the dynamic duo acted as the architects of the entire experiment. Guggenheim may have initially scaled down his involvement a few years ago, but he remained a major creative driving force behind the scenes, especially when it came to the annual crossover events.

Without those two steady hands steering the ship, the Arrowverse is embarking on a brave new era, but in a recent interview, Guggenheim admitted that he’s definitely not against the idea of returning somewhere down the line to have a hand in a feature film spinoff featuring the network’s expansive roster of costumed crime fighters. When asked if he’d be interested in such a project, he said:

“I think so. I do love these characters, and I do miss working in this world.”

No offense to longtime fans, but there’s not really much merit in the idea of an Arrowverse movie. After all, the crossovers are epic enough on their own and trying to scale down that sort of wide-reaching narrative into the space of a couple of hours doesn’t seem worth it when the established method of spending weeks telling interconnected stories across the various shows has already proven to be hugely successful and equally popular.