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Arrowverse fans aren’t angry, just disappointed as ‘The Flash’ ruins Green Lantern hopes

They really dropped the ball (or ring) on this one.

Pretty much since Arrow started in 2012, Arrowverse fans have been convinced that David Ramsey’s John Diggle would one day become a Green Lantern. Sure enough, hints were dropped in the Emerald Archer’s later seasons that Diggle was a version of comics hero John Stewart, culminating in the series finale ending with a box containing a glowing green item crashing into Diggle’s yard from space.

Over the past couple of years, then, Ramsey has been guest-starring on other Arrowverse shows to further tease Diggle’s journey towards cosmic heroism. But it seems this entire decade’s worth of build-up was all for naught as his latest guest spot on The Flash has seemingly destroyed all hopes of Diggle becoming a Green Lantern, after all.

In episode 8×18 “The Man With The Yellow Tie”, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) discovers Diggle (David Ramsey) has turned to Reverse-Flash (Tom Cavanagh) to get advice on how to open his mysterious box, which he senses is calling him to a greater destiny. Diggle ultimately manages to open it… before deciding to throw it away, electing to ignore his destiny and remain with his family on Earth.

So, just like that, the Green Lantern foreshadowing is over and done with. And, after so The CW has infuriated fans so much of late, folks aren’t so much angry as disappointed.

They literally threw it all away.

There’s potentially some studio interference going on here, but fans still aren’t ready to give The CW the benefit of the doubt.

Maybe they shouldn’t have walked the walk if they couldn’t talk the talk.

Did they really expect people to be satisfied with Diggle pulling a Dominic Toretto?

Others aren’t giving up hope just yet, what with Ramsey confirmed to appear in the Superman & Lois finale.

Maybe this is a Falcon and the Winter Soldier-type situation.

But others are convinced it’s all been a waste of time.

It looks like… That’s all, folks!

It’s worth pointing out that The CW is developing a Justice U series starring David Ramsey, so Diggle’s Arrowverse arc isn’t necessarily over yet. In the meantime, catch him in the Superman & Lois season two finale on June 28.

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