Arrowverse Fans Loved Lois Lane’s Debut In Elseworlds


There was so much going on in “Elseworlds” that it was sort of hard to take it all in. One character who made a big impression on fans, though, was Lois Lane. The iconic Daily Planet reporter made her Arrowverse debut in the crossover and it seems that viewers were instantly hooked on this iteration of the character, as played by Grimm‘s Elizabeth Tulloch.

Lois appeared in two parts of the three-night event. The first episode saw her introduced in a spectacular way, too. If you’ll recall, as the action switched to Superman’s home town on Earth-38, the Smallville theme song was heard. Lois only featured in the scenes set on the Kent farm, but Tulloch got across enough of Lois’ signature attitude and charisma to make fans fall in love with her immediately.

Miss Lane then returned for “Elseworlds Part 3,” where she even got in on the action, using a powerful hammer taken from the Fortress of Solitude to disarm the Monitor. Then, at the end of the episode, we learned that Lois is pregnant and she and Clark are going to go to Argo for the baby’s birth. What’s more, Clark proposed! Honestly, it was all a bit much for Clois fans to handle.

Where “Elseworlds” left Lois and Clark suggested we won’t be seeing either of them for a while, as Superman basically officially named Supergirl the protector of Earth-38 as he goes off to raise his kid in a Kryptonian society. Hopefully, though, we’ll be catching up with them again in next year’s crossover, which was revealed at the end of “Part 3” to be an adaptation of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Hey, given that, we could see multiple Loises and Clarks. And maybe even Jon Kent, the couple’s son from the comics?

Arrowverse fans, tell us, what did you think of Superman and Lois Lane in “Elseworlds“? Would you watch a spinoff based around the pair? Have your say in the comments section down below.