Arrowverse Heroes Battle The Anti-Monitor In New Crisis BTS Photo And Videos


When you hear any writer or filmmaker talk about assembling a superhero team-up, they’ll tell you about how it’s vital that a villain worthy of battling multiple heroes be incorporated. After all, if the most formidable forces wearing capes and cowls are fighting alongside each other, then one average villain just won’t do.

So, in situations such as these, you’ll often see one of three threats: an alien invasion, a team comprised of supervillains, or a being so powerful that they can go toe-to-toe with an entire squad. Considering how past DC TV crossovers have already featured the Dominators and Nazi doppelgangers from Earth-X, it’s only appropriate that the Anti-Monitor finally show his face.

For those already familiar with the DC Comics villain capable of destroying universes, you’ll like what’s to be presented today. As it turns out, some recent filming for “Crisis on Infinite Earths” has spilled onto the streets of Vancouver, and a smorgasbord of heroes were pictured running into battle against the Anti-Monitor. If you don’t believe us, then check out the photo and videos courtesy of ThemysciraBound right below.

According to them, stunt doubles for Superman, Supergirl, The Flash, Black Canary, Batwoman, Alex Danvers, Martian Manhunter, Spartan, Wild Dog and Dreamer were all on set for this. Actually, so too was White Canary’s, but she wasn’t captured in the shot.

Based on that lineup, I’m inclined to think this scene was shot for Supergirl‘s part in the crossover because of how many members of its principal cast were just listed, but I could be wrong. Regardless, seeing the Anti-Monitor causing a shockwave that sends all these heroes flying into the air gives newbies an idea of what’s on the way.

Crisis on Infinite Earths” kicks off with Supergirl on Sunday, December 8th on The CW.