Arrowverse Heroes Suit Up In Extended Promo, Including Black Lightning


Now that the “Super Season” is about ready to resume, it’s time that we all gear up for the returns of the various shows making up the Arrowverse. And when we say “gear up,” some folks are obviously going to take that quite literally.

As you may recall, The CW circulated a rather amusing trailer not long ago showing the likes of the Green Arrow, the Waverider crew and some of our other favorite DC TV heroes suiting up. Well, this time, they topped that by releasing the full promo that’s chock full of the playful banter between characters that we’ve come to love in crossovers like Crisis on Earth-X, which is set to re-air this week, mind you.

But even with the boatload of added material, the moment that gets me most is when the two fastest heroes – Supergirl and the Flash – are lagging behind, and Oliver Queen informs them that everybody else has been suiting up for twenty minutes. Being someone who actually owns a replica of the costume currently worn by the Green Arrow, I can confirm that it does indeed take a while to put on the entire ensemble – though probably not as long as it takes for the Atom to put on his rig.

What’s especially noteworthy here, though, is that Black Lightning puts in an appearance at the very end. Sure, we’ve been given the line that the new series will be its own thing for the first season, which will allow it to not worry about the drag of continuity, but this offers much hope that Jefferson Pierce will join forces with the heroes of the Arrowverse before long.

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