The Arrowverse Will Make Room For Black Lightning


The CW has found tremendous success with their superhero series as of late, forming what fans refer to as the Arrowverse. It consists of SupergirlThe FlashArrow and Legends of Tomorrow. Now, we’re learning that it’s about to get a little bigger as it makes room for Black Lightning.

Originally set to find a home at Fox, the network ultimately passed on it as their comic book TV show slate is too crowded at the moment. They’ve got both Lucifer and Gotham currently on the air and also have Matt Nix’s X-Men family drama coming down the pipeline. Now, Black Lightning is on the move and the Greg Berlanti-produced series is expected to land on The CW, which makes perfect sense and is great news for fans of what the network’s been putting together over the last few years.


For those unfamiliar with the character, Black Lightning aka Jefferson Pierce, is “one of DC’s first high profile African-American superheroes – who arrived on the pages of DC comic books in 1977, created by Tony Isabella and Trevor Von Eeden.” An Olympic athlete, Pierce returns home only to find his neighbourhood terrorized by The 100, an organized crime gang. Using his metahuman abilities, which include manipulating bio-electric fields, he fights to save the people he knows and loves.

Written by the husband-and-wife duo of Akil and Brock Akil, the show will focus on both Pierce and his two daughters, “Anissa Pierce, aka Thunder, who is a member of the Outsiders, and Jennifer Pierce, aka Lightning, recruited by the Justice Society of America.” Both will be main characters, according to Deadline.

No word yet on who may be cast as the titular hero, but we’re hearing that the turnaround on this one is going to be a quick and the pilot will head before cameras shortly. That means we should be hearing about casting very soon. Until we get something from the network though, tell us, who would you like to see play Black Lightning on The CW’s new show? Sound off down below with your thoughts!

Source: Deadline