What’s Next For Arya After The Game Of Thrones Finale?


In a moment more than a little reminiscent of The Lord of the Rings, Arya Stark sailed away from Westeros to discover new lands. We thought it was a fitting end to the character’s run on Game of Thrones, and one of the less controversial moments in a finale that had plenty. Arya has never stopped adapting and finding new ways to define herself, and her journey from Westeros was very much in keeping with her rebellious spirit and loner identity. However, where could she end up next?

Although a lot of what lies to the west of Game of Thrones‘ main continent is still a mystery, George R.R. Martin’s companion books to the series give us some clues. Most notably, in Fire & Blood, Elissa Farman goes on a number of journeys over the Sunset Sea, taking on creatures and discovering new islands. There’s also some suggestion that Elissa circumnavigated the globe and docked her ship in Asshai.

Other rumours and myths from the Game of Thrones histories suggest that the Sunset Sea is home to monstrous creatures such as the kraken and even sea dragons. There are also hints that the Seastone Stair was built by people from the far West of the world, and that the modern ironborn are possibly descended from early seafaring tribes from this region.

Whatever Arya finds, though, it’s unlikely to be straightforward, as many explorers have tried and failed in missions across the Sunset Sea. Various ships and military campaigns have failed in trying to discover new lands, and likely treasures, by sailing from Westeros. We don’t think that’s what Arya’s after though, and it’s more likely that she just craves a fresh start after the chaos of season eight of the series.

For all the debates over the Game of Thrones finale, we’re just happy that Arya went out, as always, on her own terms. And at the very least, we hope that she has a better time with her journey than poor old Gendry and his rowing boat.