ASL signs that fans of ‘Hawkeye’ should know

With Hawkeye halfway through its first season, the announcement of Echo getting her Disney Plus show, and Eternals on the big screen, deaf and hard-of-hearing characters are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

Recently the Eternals even helped generate interest in learning ASL, and with Hawkeye losing his hearing in his self-titled show and Echo becoming a notable character, we thought it was important to bring you a list of top five ASL signs that Hawkeye fans should know.

5. “Hawkeye”

Since Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye, is the title character of the show, it’s only appropriate that we learn how to sign his name. Artist David Aja recently designed a comic run depicting a version of Hawkeye that not many fans had yet seen. His run was met with acclaim from fans and the ASL community, so knowing how to sign Hawkeye’s name is important for any fan.

4. “Thank You”

Clearly saying thank you to anyone is a must-know, and we’ve already seen Clint and Kate saying “thanks” when they’ve helped each other during various situations. “Thank you” is a seamlessly easy one to remember but can also be tricky if the hand is incorrectly placed. Artist Carlisle Robinson made a handy design for anyone to simply understand how to say thank you.

3. “Merry Christmas”

As Hawkeye takes place during the holidays, it’s understandable that anyone watching the show might want to know how to say “Merry Christmas.” Doing so will likely bring smiles to faces everywhere, and thankfully for you, there’s an easy video you can watch on how to wish someone a Merry Christmas:

2. “My name is…”

Obviously everyone has a name, so knowing how to say “My name is…” is a clear conversation starter when it comes to introducing yourself. Though everyone has a different name, knowing how to properly introduce yourself is a must-have skill. Here’s how to go about doing that:

1. “Hello”

Understandably, one of the most major must-knows is how to sign “Hello.” While it may be the easiest form of greeting, many people don’t know how to do so in ASL. Thanks to The Sign Polyglot, we have this easy video that explains how.

Both Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld recently learned basic ASL to welcome their co-star Alaqua Cox, and with more and more characters with disabilities coming to the MCU, perhaps it’s time for you to know learn basic ASL as well.

New episodes of Hawkeye premiere on Disney Plus every Wednesday through Dec. 22.