‘Attack on Titan’ episode 80 title hints at ties to the show’s first episode

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As we inch closer to the Attack on Titan finale, the story is preparing to unravel its greatest mysteries yet, specifically those involving the origins of the Titans and the Subjects of Ymir.

During last week’s episode, the Marleyan military continued its assault on the Shiganshina District, though with the arrival of Zeke’s Beast Titan, the soldiers of Paradis received a much-needed window of opportunity to regroup and hit back at their sworn enemies. Now, in tonight’s 78th episode, “Two Brothers,” Eren might finally be able to reunite with Zeke, whose royal bloodline will activate the former’s Founding Titan powers, which he’ll then use to cause the Rumbling.

Suffice to say, stakes have never been higher and we’re at the edge of the precipice. Now, the production studio MAPPA has announced the title for the series’ 80th outing, and it teases a connection between the very first episode which premiered all the way back in May 2014.

As you may recall, the title of episode one was strange for a very particular reason. “To You, in 2000 Years: The Fall of Shiganshina” determined that there would be some sort of time skip involved so far as the ultimate narrator of the series is concerned. But now, this new title, “From You, 2,000 Years Ago” suggests that there might be something more complicated at work here.

The story has already established that Titans can connect to their predecessors and break down barriers of time. This became apparent when Kruger – moments before bestowing his Attack Titan to Grish Yeager – told him to “save Mikasa and Armin,” who are his son Eren Yeager’s friends in the current timeline.

If and when his full set of powers are activated, Eren might be able to go through time and revisit the history of the Eldian people all the way back to Ymir, the girl who damned them with the power of the Titans. This, in turn, may explains the strange vision Eren saw in the first episode, not to mention the odd wording of these titles.

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