‘Attack on Titan’ episode 81 preview and title revealed, 82’s title surfaces

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Attack on Titan fans are still processing the revelations of episode 80, “From You, 2000 Years Ago,” but the preview clip and title of next week’s 81st outing also has interesting implications for the narrative and its characters.

Warning: Spoilers for Attack on Titan to follow.

After spending two whole episodes in the Paths, Eren finally managed to take hold of the Founding Titan’s power and initiate the Rumbling. Now that the protagonist has taken up a genocidal goal, seeking to decimate the world’s population through the Colossal Titan army, it might be up to his friends Armin and Mikasa – or the rest of the 104th Cadet Corps, for that matter – to stop him.

Something also tells us that this wasn’t the last of Ymir the Founder in the series, as Eren will no doubt remain at the Coordinate to control the Founding Titan’s powers and communicate with his friends via that channel.

What he himself turned to at the end of episode 80, meanwhile, is anyone’s guess, though the preview for next week’s episode, titled “Thaw,” promises to give fans more answers.

“The ground shakes and rumbles,” the preview announces. “A cloud of dust reaches the sky. A horde of Titans marches ahead. The island walls are now gone.”

According to a report by AoT Wiki on Twitter, the 82nd episode will be called “Sunset.”

There are only seven episodes remaining in the final season of Attack on Titan, so “Thaw” and “Sunset” will no doubt set up the show’s final story arc when they premiere on Feb. 13 and Feb. 20, respectively.

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