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‘She-Hulk’ audition video might tease new character

Actor Tom Archdeacon posted a since-deleted video to his Vimeo account where he appeared to be speaking to two lawyers.

Tom Archdeacon mightn’t be a household name now, but he could be set to appear in Disney Plus’ forthcoming She-Hulk series, if a recently circulated audition tape is to be believed.

Today, Cosmic Circus published a report of an audition tape of his that appeared online. In the clip, which has since been pulled alongside Archdeacon’s Twitter going private, his character talks to two lawyers offscreen. He reportedly says he is immortal and typically ends relationships by killing himself before regenerating and starting anew.

A still from the clip, originally shared to Archdeacon’s Vimeo titled “Marvel Villain”, can be seen on the article’s Wayback Machine link and Cosmic Circus noted one woman appears very annoyed in the scene with how his character is choosing to live his romantic life.

Of course, shows can change when editing is done from what was originally intended, but this would fit in with what those behind the production have said it will be like. In February, director Kat Coiro – helming five episodes of the series – said the show will have comedy, heart and a lawyer as the main character. Specifically, Tatiana Maslany’s Jennifer Walters, the She-Hulk in question, is a cousin of Bruce Banner and specializes in cases involving the superhuman community.

Whatever the case, we will find out whether this scene will make it in and if Archdeacon will be there later this year, though no exact release date has been given for the 10 episode series just yet.

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