Avatar: The Last Airbender Live-Action Show Will Reportedly Make Some Big Changes

Avatar The Last Airbender

According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us Witcher prequel and an Extraction sequel were in the works well before Netflix officially announced them – the streaming giant’s live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender will reportedly make some big changes to the original story. These include, but will not be limited to, the introduction of new characters and subplots.

Before Avatar diehards begin freaking out, it’s important to remember that most likely, these changes have not been ordered by Netflix or any other money-hungry executives. Rather, we imagine they’re being made by the creators of the original Nickelodeon animated series – Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko – whom the streamer has hired to reboot their own magnum opus.

In the past, DiMartino and Konietzko have already mentioned that they’d make some changes to the live-action adaptation such as the introduction of original supporting characters. And while we don’t know the specifics of what they have planned just yet, we’re told that they want to rework the original ending, too, which people felt was kind of a Deus Ex Machina.

For those who haven’t re-watched the entire series on Netflix already, a bit of a refresher might be in order here. In the days leading up to his battle with the Fire Lord, Aang loses his nerve and flees. In solitude, he seeks the guidance of other Avatars to help him overcome a nasty moral conundrum. As an airbender, he’s a pacifist and vegetarian who has vowed never to kill. So, how can he beat his foe without murdering him?

When all hope seems lost, Aang receives help from the unlikeliest of allies: a giant lion turtle. This animal, which claims it’s existed since the dawn of time, gives Aang a mysterious new power that allows him to take away someone else’s bending abilities. Although this sequence was eventually put into context in a later series, it did appear kind of shoe-horned into the end of Avatar: The Last Airbender

How the show’s creators would change it remains to be seen, but in the meantime, feel free to leave a comment down below letting us know if you’d be on board with these alterations.