Avengers: Endgame Writers Address A Possible Agent Carter Revival


With Tony gone after the big climactic battle with Thanos, Avengers: Endgame still had to wrap up Cap’s story and, having already broken our hearts with Iron Man’s demise, it decided to give Steve a happy ending instead.

If you’ll recall, when he goes back in time to replace the Infinity Stones that the heroes swiped from the past, we learn that Rogers actually stayed back in order to live out a normal life married to Peggy Carter. This was a fairly common theory fans had come up with months ago, but seeing it play out was still tough to swallow.

It did, however, get folks speculating on what the future may hold for the aforementioned Peggy. Seeing her back on the big screen was a nice treat and some think that it may’ve been Marvel’s way to test the waters for an Agent Carter revival. When asked about the possibility of this though, Endgame‘s co-writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely claimed not to know what’s in store for the character, but did say one of the reasons a revival may be unlikely is due to its budget.

From your lips to Bob Iger’s ears. I don’t know. It was an expensive show. You’re doing period as well as you can in Los Angeles. I don’t know how big the fanbase is, but what it is is really dedicated. And we love the character. So I don’t know, I just don’t know.

So, not the most promising answer, then, and if you ask us, Peggy’s cameo in Endgame seems more like a welcome bit of fan service rather than a tease of more to come. That being said, we’d certainly be all for seeing Agent Carter return. Especially because season 2’s finale ended on a major cliffhanger.

Yes, after finally earning some redemption and becoming a proper ally to Peggy, Chad Michael Murray’s Jack Thompson, a high-ranking SSR agent, was assassinated by a mysterious assailant, who also stole a file on Hayley Atwell’s titular hero. It’s a shame we’ll never get to see the resolution to this then, but at least we got to spend a little more time with Agent Carter in Avengers: Endgame. Not to mention that Peggy’s also rumored to return in the animated What If series coming to Disney Plus.