Baby Yoda Spinoff Show Reportedly In The Works


The Mandalorian‘s Baby Yoda took the world by storm when he debuted in the first episode of the show, launching a million memes in the process. Disney was clearly caught a bit off guard by his popularity, too, with next to no merchandise available last holiday season. Of course, they’ve since rectified that and then some and now, The Child is a bonafide pop culture phenomenon.

In fact, it’d be fair to say that he’s more adored and loved than ever thanks to the explosive finale to The Mandalorian‘s second run, which dropped last week, and fans are incredibly excited to see what comes next for Grogu, as he’s now known. But beyond just the aforementioned series, it seems that we’ll be seeing him pop up elsewhere as well. Not that that should come as much of a surprise, mind you.

According to insider Daniel Richtman, a Baby Yoda show is now in early development. The tipster offers no further details on what it might consist of, when it’ll be with us or how it’ll tie into The Mandalorian, but clearly, Disney have big plans for the little guy.

That being said, the Mouse House already has a whole slate of series on their plate that’ve been officially announced, which will presumably come first. So, it’s unlikely we’ll hear anything official on this for a while yet. But once Ahsoka TanoObi-WanThe Book of Boba Fett, etc., begin to get off the ground, The Child’s solo vehicle will likely start to pick up steam.

Until then, though, tell us, are you excited about a Baby Yoda show? As always, let us know down below.