Ballers Season 2 Trailer Pits Dwayne Johnson’s Sports Icon Against A New Big Bad


Dwayne Johnson’s former sports star is up against it in the first trailer for HBO’s Ballers season 2 – and not because he’s mistaken for Vin Diesel.

“You’re no one until you have enemies,” reads the show’s tagline, and Johnson’s magnetic Miami Dolphins star-turned-financial manager Spencer Strasmore learns a thing or two about his new nemesis in today’s first peek. Yes, there’s a storm brewing over HBO’s record-breaking sports drama, and Johnson and his old confidant Joe (Rob Corddry) are caught smack bang in the middle.

Given that HBO is yet to nail down a concrete premiere date for season 2, the sizzle reel is a mere one minute in length. It’s still enough to offer up a good look at the Ballers cast though, with old and new faces coming together to form an ensemble that includes John David Washington, Omar Miller, Donovan W. Carter, Troy Garity, London Brown and Jazmyn Simon.

But can it pull in the big number in the vein of the inaugural season. When Ballers premiered last summer to rave reviews, HBO’s Entourage-styled drama held a steady 8.8 million viewership week in, week out, ranking as the network’s third biggest season behind Sex and the City and the opening season of Hung. It’s a tall order to match, no doubt. Let’s just hope Johnson is right about the show’s lead star being “bigger and better looking.”

Ballers is primed to return to HBO at some point in the summer.

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