Barry Allen Can’t Stop The Crisis In New Flash Season 6 Trailer


The stakes are higher than ever before going into The Flash season 6. You know that future newspaper that’s been telling us Barry Allen is destined to vanish some day since the show’s pilot episode? Well, that day is now upon us with “Crisis on Infinite Earths” kicking off this December. But can the Fastest Man Alive avoid his apparently unavoidable fate? That’s what’s weighing our hero down in this epic extended trailer.

As with previous promos, this one teases Barry witnessing the dark future to come which is set to lead to “billions of deaths.” It seems he believes there’s no way to change his destiny, but Iris and the rest of Team Flash are dedicated to finding a way around it and preventing the hero from vanishing in the coming Crisis. And it looks like part of their plan involves Barry traveling into his own past – again! – and reuniting with his late parents, Nora and Henry.

The trailer also gives us another glimpse at new big bad Bloodwork (Sendhil Ramamurthy). “I don’t understand you, Barry. You march towards death without fear,” he says to the Scarlet Speedster. “Where is it you get your strength?” Barry then tells him: “The people I love.” The pair seem to be on good terms here, but that will no doubt change over the first half of the season. And after “Crisis,” a second, currently unknown, big bad will then take over to terrorize Central City.

Tom Cavanagh’s latest Harrison Wells is also featured here, and as Cisco says, he’s “another angry one.” This same version will go on to play a key role “Crisis” – as Pariah, the scientist who allows the Anti-Monitor to escape in the original comics storyline. And pay close attention to the trailer’s montage of familiar faces who’ll likewise show up in season 6, too.

The Flash 6×01 “Into the Void” airs on The CW in less than a week, on Tuesday, October 8th. Be sure to tune in for what’ll no doubt be a thrilling season.