‘Barry’ season 3 is finally here and Guillermo del Toro approves

Bill Hader in 'Barry' Season 3
Photo by Merrick Morton/HBO

Alec Berg and Bill Hader’s hilarious dark comedy Barry returned for its third season yesterday and is already picking up rave reviews. The crime drama is currently sitting at a perfect 100% on the Tomatometer, fans are raving about it online, and it’s picked up one very special accolade.

Academy Award-winning director and horror icon Guillermo del Toro is obviously a huge fan of the show and has rated the season three premiere as “perfect” on Twitter:

The show follows Hader as hitman Barry Berkman, whose trip to Los Angeles to assassinate someone goes awry when he joins an acting class and begins to question his path in life. The third season begins with him returning to the bloody trade in which he made his name, indicating that things are headed for a much darker future as the season goes on.

Viewers can also be reassured that Barry isn’t going to stop here. Hader revealed in an interview in January 2021 that work had been completed on scripts for the third and fourth seasons. This likely means that the third season will end on some kind of cliffhanger on June 12, so we can probably expect Barry to return for more in 2023.

But, for now, we have seven more episodes of one of the greatest TV shows ever coming our way. Given what we’ve seen in previous seasons, only a fool would try and predict what’s coming, so our advice is to strap yourself in and enjoy this very disturbing and incredibly funny rollercoaster.