Batwoman Joins The Fun In Elseworlds Night 2 Promo


Now that the first chapter in the “Elseworlds” crossover epic is behind us, it’s getting easier to imagine this going down as the Arrowverse’s best mega event to date. Granted, it faces stiff competition in predecessor “Crisis on Earth-X,” but there was so much fan service delivered tonight that it could make your head spin.

Seeing as how this year’s mashup is a bit more personal due to Oliver Queen and Barry Allen trading places as Green Arrow and the Flash, there hasn’t been much need to cram in as many heroes as possible. As such, I very much enjoyed the buddy cop element present throughout tonight’s episode because we seldom see just those two guys working together.

Still, Supergirl and Superman partook in the battle against Amazo, which served as the android’s proper introduction into this continuity (I’m not sure we can count a ship named for him in Arrow season 2). But shortly after everybody had a moment to readjust, Clark returned to Earth-38 in time for the rest of the gang to shift their focus to Gotham City.

With that, we have our cue to discuss the next phase in the crossover, which will introduce us to Ruby Rose’s Batwoman. And if you require an appetizer of sorts, know that you can find it at the top of this article in the form of a promo.

Needless to say, there’s a lot riding on tomorrow night’s installment because it’ll essentially serve as a backdoor pilot for the prospective Batwoman TV series. But considering how The CW has a pretty solid track record when it comes to DC-based programming, we’re expecting for things to go smoothly for Kate Kane from here on out.

For more on what’s to come, be sure to check out the official synopsis for “Elseworlds, Part 2”:

THE ELSEWORLDS CROSSOVER CONTINUES IN GOTHAM CITY WITH BATWOMAN (RUBY ROSE) — With Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Barry (guest star Grant Gustin) still stuck in the other’s bodies, the two get a lead on John Deegan (guest star Jeremy Davies) and head to Gotham City with Supergirl (guest star Melissa Benoist) to figure out why their reality has changed. While there, they meet the mysterious Kate Kane (guest star Ruby Rose) who provides them with information that leads the group to Arkham Asylum. James Bamford directed the episode with teleplay by Marc Guggenheim and story by Caroline Dries.

Elseworlds” continues this Monday night, December 10, on Arrow before wrapping up on Tuesday, December 11 on Supergirl.