Batwoman Reportedly Likely To Be Cancelled After Season 2 Or 3


Batwoman returned earlier this month for its much-discussed second season. With Ruby Rose exiting the show after the first run, the Arrowverse series has essentially had to reboot itself, with Javicia Leslie coming in as new lead Ryan Wilder. DC fans have reacted positively to the heroine, so it seems the fandom will be able to cope with the loss of Kate Kane, but a sharp dip in ratings for the season 2 premiere suggests general audiences aren’t so receptive to the change.

All this means that Batwoman might not be destined for as lengthy a run as, say, Arrow or The Flash. In fact, insider Daniel Richtman is reporting on his Patreon page that the series is likely to be cancelled after this season or the next. It sounds like the network hasn’t made its mind up about Batwoman‘s future at present, then, but it’s possible that it could become the shortest-lived Arrowverse show to date.

This year, both Supergirl and Black Lightning will be ending with their current seasons and while Batwoman might get lucky and stick around for a bit longer, it doesn’t seem like it’s got much of a chance of staying on the air for a similar length of time as its peers. And that’s certainly a shame.

After a strong opening, Batwoman suffered sliding viewing figures throughout its first run, with the season 2 opener slipping back down to become one of the lowest-viewed installments in the show’s history. It’s possible that the ratings could pick up in the weeks ahead, but if not, The CW might give the showrunners their marching orders and wrap things up. They have plenty of other DC projects lined up to replace it, after all – including Wonder Girl