Batwoman Reveals First Look At Javicia Leslie In The Bat Suit


The move by Batwoman from seasons 1 to 2 has been more difficult than The CW probably anticipated, mostly due to the surprise departure of Ruby Rose from the lead role. When you factor in COVID-19 delays and a considerable amount of fan backlash to the new casting for the series, it only makes things even harder for the network.

But finally, the show is getting back on its feet now with production on the next run currently underway. Just yesterday, in fact, we caught our first glimpse of star Javicia Leslie on set. And while certainly exciting, we only got to see her as Ryan Wilder, the new character who’ll take on the mantle of Batwoman. In other words, we’re still waiting for a look at her all suited up. Or at least, we were waiting for it, but earlier tonight, our patience was rewarded when the actress herself took to Instagram to share the photo you’ll find below.

Though not a full body shot, what we have here is indeed our first real look at The CW’s new Batwoman, and from what we can see, we’re definitely digging Leslie’s take on the heroine. Now we just need to get a glimpse at the rest of the costume.

Of course, it’d also be nice to lay eyes on some footage so that we can truly see how the actress is going to compare to Ruby Rose, but so far, at least, the signs are promising. Throw in the rumored appearance of the Batmobile in season 2, as well as some more classic villains, and it looks like the series may be able to overcome the significant hurdles that’ve been placed in front of it in recent months.

With any luck, now that this shot is out there and the lid has been peeled back a bit, we’ll get to see a little more of our new Batwoman soon. In the meantime, though, be sure to share your first thoughts on this photo in the comments section down below.