New Batwoman Set Photo Shows Javicia Leslie In Full Batsuit


We’re looking forward to the second season of The CW’s Batwoman, which will have a new lead character in Javicia Leslie’s Ryan Wilder. Over the last few days, we’ve seen various glimpses of Leslie in the role, including in the Bat costume. Indeed, with shooting now underway after a COVID-19-enforced absence, on-set photos are coming in at a rapid rate, and the latest one gives us a much better idea of how the actress will look when we see her on our screens.

The image, which you can catch below courtesy of Twitter user @ThemysciraBound, appears to show Leslie on a break from filming. Although we can finally see more of the full suit compared to the most recent shot, it’s clear that there won’t be much difference in the new costume. That being said, it’s also worth noting that behind-the-scenes pictures don’t tend to do justice to how the outfit will look on screen, so we’d wait for a trailer before passing judgment.

Unfortunately, there’s been the (predictable) criticism of the show’s recasting and commitment to diversity, something that’s haunted Batwoman since it launched. Casting Leslie after the tensions around Rose’s exit represents a fresh start for the series, though, and given where season 1 left off, we’d also expect there to be time dedicated to Kate Kane’s departure and how it affects the supporting cast.

As with other properties in the Arrowverse, Batwoman is not expected to return until 2021, but when it does, it’ll hope to put a rocky first year behind it to explore more of its Batman-adjacent world. And with Supergirl set to bow out after its sixth run of episodes, we’re hoping that Batwoman and Stargirl can continue to maintain the central role of strong female heroes within this corner of the DC universe.