Batwoman Showrunner Wants To Do A Crossover With Supergirl

Supergirl Batwoman

Ever since the nascent Arrowverse made its first tentative steps towards expansion with the introduction of Barry Allen, crossovers have been a major part of the shared televisual world. Carrying on this tradition, Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries has stated her desire for a crossover with Supergirl.

As a newcomer to vigilante crimefighting, Kate has had minimal significance in the superhero team-ups, being first introduced as a part of “Elseworlds,” and then becoming one of the Paragons in “Crisis On Infinite Earths.” In the latter arc, she had a significant amount of interaction with Kara, which went far deeper than her unsubtle flirting in their initial encounter and saw the pair become something akin to friends amidst the strife and despair they endured together.

Speaking to, Dries had this to say:

“In season two, I hope we just get back up production, and everything is normal, or at a normal amount at some point. Because you know how the crossovers are just so hard to schedule and blah blah blah, and I’m sure COVID isn’t going to do us any favors in that regard. But to me, the most important relationship is Batwoman and Supergirl. So I think if we are able to do any crossover, that would be what I would try to focus on.”

The seeds for a potential team up were sown at the end of last night’s episode “A Secret Kept from All the Rest,” which saw Alice achieve her goal of unlocking the code of Lucius Fox’s journal and discovering his contingency for taking down Batman should the need have ever arisen, learning the key to crafting an anti-Bat weapon to be Kryptonite. As Kara is the Arrowverse’s most prominent Kryptonian, any plot to attain the deadly substance would attract the attention of her and her allies. Exactly how the glowing green stone is to be utilized was not specified, but as anyone who remembers Smallville can tell you, the material is basically a magical space rock capable of doing whatever you need it to for the purposes of the plot.

The bonding between Kate and Kara had a great deal of potential for future development, so drafting in the Girl of Steel for an episode or two of Batwoman could certainly go a long way to giving their relationship the growth it deserves.